What Is The Mysticle

The Mysticle is a youtube channel based on Virtual Reality and Technology

You may ask yourself, why this name? Did you just misspell the word Mystical? Well, the answer to that would be no. This word is a combination of two words, Mystic and Tentacle, this is because the original channel icon was an image of an eyebal with tentacles holding an illuminati staff and wearing a crown, this still appears during the endcard of every video.

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These are some of the people that you will find appearing in the videos from time to time apart from myself of course, being the main host. If you want to see more of them or just check out Vlogs, we have a vlogging and behond the scenes channel where we post our crazy adventures for you guys to enjoy ;)

Vlogging Channel

Conor GlenTen

I believe he wanted me to write something about being born too early here but I don't remember so I present you our very own Simplecon.

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We Are Living
A Virtual Reality

We Didn't Choose The Gamer Life, The Gamer Life Chose Us. This is why on this channel you will find us play through all kinds of games from Classic PC Titles to Virtual Reality which is probably our main go-to at this point.

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All of our videos are completely unscripted and improvised. We like to think this makes them better and there is more bloopers to make fun of later. We do however have a ton of videos planned for the future.

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Latest Video

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